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How important are you, really?

Have you considered if the field you are in, the business you are building or even your industry is still relevant? This is a question that many of us try to avoid contemplating because we all know the truth.

Most of us do not have the skills, knowledge or aptitude for the fast-changing technological world that we live in.

  • We’ve watched as the local big-box grocery chains eliminate banks of cashiers and replace them with self-serve check out machines.
  • We see more bookstores go out of business as tablet and kindle devices surge with digital books.
  • Our listening has changed as vinyl records, cassette tapes and CDs became a thing of the past replaced by digital downloads and cloud-based music apps.
  • We’ve seen video stores and movie plexus become obsolete with the streaming digital capabilities of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Play and a multitude of other systems fill in the movie market. Suddenly we find ourselves creating a home theater experience and enjoying the portability of movies on almost any digital device.
  • Just a few years ago film-based cameras disappeared as digital cameras and smartphones took their place.
  • Even transportation has changed with UBER cars rethinking the cab business and overtaking the Yellow Cab Taxi industry.
  • I was there personally when the newspaper industry collapsed from the flood of online media sites. Although, I was on the digital side, the ad revenue couldn’t keep up and my responsibilities were outsourced to India.

These are just a handful of examples. I’m sure you can think of more.

The question is, what makes you relevant to the world today? Are you in a field that is disappearing due to changes in technology? Do you see an opportunity in your existing industry to make advances to current methods of operation?

Don’t get too comfortable in your career and then wake up ten years later to find that you no longer matter. 

Let’s do some soul searching and find out just how relevant you are. Ask yourself these questions…

  • Why do people choose to work with you?
  • What are they learning, listening to or gaining from you?
  • Are you truly an expert at what you do? Why do you think so?
  • Do people enjoy being around you?
  • What specific skill, gift or niche do you have that makes you stand out from the rest of your industry?
  • Are you making a difference?

If all this has you scratching your head and wondering if you really are relevant, here are some things you can do:

  • Read more books. Especially those in self-development, business development and industry specific topics.
  • Seek out positive people who are inspiring and forward-thinking.
  • Strive to produce quality work that makes a difference.
  • Go above and beyond with your clients, customers, children, employees, employers and/or students.
  • Find ways to serve others even more.
  • Find ways to support your cause even more.
  • Cultivate a love for people. Treat everyone with kindness, no matter what.

Stand up, stand out and be relevant to today’s world. You’ve got this!

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