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Hi! I'm Vashon Borich-Leach (aka The T.U.F.F. Momma). I'm a polymath who enjoys sharing my experience as a digital entrepreneur, karate instructor, pallet-wood crafter, business coach, public speaker, author and animal lover. I live in Southern Missouri with my two sons, Ty and Jack, along with several animals that adopted me including my dangerously handsome husband, Ron. I hope to inspire you to be Tough, Unstoppable, Fearless and Free! (T.U.F.F.) Thank you for reading my blog posts!

Wow! My experiment exploded!

Over a month ago I started this little newsletter called “Lunch Notes from the Tuff Momma™.” The idea was to send out daily handwritten notes of encouragement, inspiration and helpful advice for grown ups.

Little did I know how quickly this would grow! In less than 45 days I have over 1,000 subscribers and a 60% open rate on these notes. This has all been organic growth… I haven’t advertised this other than with a few free posts on social media.

It’s nice to know that so many people are enjoying them. Now I’m putting together some exclusive, bonuses for my “lunch notes” subscribers. It’s quite possible that lunch will never be the same again. 🙂

The note in the image below was opened by 97% of my lunch note subscribers. (The highest open rate I’ve ever had for a list this size.)

I thought I’d share this with you because…
1. You may want to start receiving my lunch notes. 😉

2. You might want to learn how to build a better email list, track open rates or create a value-driven community. You may also wonder how to monetize it… there’s a method to my madness and it doesn’t involve spamming my list with random offers. Happy to share…

Lunch Notes from the Tuff Momma

P.S. If you can’t read my writing (ha!) all lunch notes include a typed version as well as the snapshot of the handwritten note.

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