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Powerless. That’s how I felt the day I was laid off from my corporate job.
I had spent over a decade working for the same company where I had climbed my way up the corporate ladder. Many long nights, hard work and personal sacrifices earned me an important senior executive position. 
In an instant it was all gone. Cost cutting layoffs forced me out and my position was outsourced.
Sure, I could have done like most people and pounded the pavement searching for a new job. That would have been the sensible thing to do… to use my contacts and job boards to launch a new career. But, a mentor of mine once shared with me that J.O.B. stands for Just Over Broke. Who’s to say the same “cost cutting layoff” wouldn’t happen again at a new company? I know many talented people who have been through staff reductions multiple times.
The layoff gave me time to do some self evaluation. As a Mom of two boys, I realized that my corporate career had take so much time away from them. I’ve always had big dreams and it didn’t include working for someone else. Instead, I chose to become a self-employed entrepreneur. I decided that I wanted to work from home in a business that allowed me the time-freedom and income to do more with my family.
I began to search online for something with low overhead, flexible schedule and excellent income potential. I knew I did not want to sell lotions, potions, pendents or pills. Nor did I want to host home parties or contact every friend or family member I knew. I wanted something internet-based, that suited my executive nature.
One night, something caught my eye. It was a Facebook post from a guy who had experienced a similar layoff just a year prior to me. He was involved in a digital business that allowed him to be home with his beautiful wife and new baby. Plus, I was impressed with how well he was doing! I started following him and I couldn’t put it out of my mind. He was living a lifestyle that I dreamed about. Could it really be true or was it just more internet garbage?
Finally, I got up the courage to private message him. We had a nice conversation. To make a long story short, I convinced him to mentor me on the exact methods he used to create his internet business.
Fast forward to today.
It’s been over four years since I’ve been doing this “crazy internet thing” as my family members joke. I work anywhere I want to on my laptop and I am a huge part of my children’s lives. We do things together everyday. I’ve been on six vacations this year alone. My extended family gets to see us more often. Plus, as my own boss, I never have to ask permission for time off. My business creates residual income that works for me even while I’m sleeping!
The best part? I never have to worry about being laid off again.
My life has been transformed so much… from the pain of a layoff to the joy of abundance and time freedom with my family. It’s given me the power to achieve my dreams.
The unique career path that I took is not exclusive. There is plenty of room for the right person to do what I do. I’m at a point now where I’m ready to “send the elevator back down” and help someone new do what I do. My time is valuable, so I only want to personally work with you if you are serious about having your own business. You also have to have the right attitude. I’m looking for someone who is positive, open minded to being mentored and determined to succeed no matter what.
I’ve learned that too many people get into a business with the mindset of an employee instead of a business owner. They say, “well if it doesn’t work after so many days I’ll just quit and do something else.”

“An entrepreneur lives
a few years of their life
like most people won’t,
so that they can spend
the rest of their life
like most people can’t.”

If you have read this far and have a burning desire to achieve your dream then you might be who I’m looking for.
Here’s what to do next.
1. Comment below on this blog post that you are interested.
2. Then, register here, www.fearlessfreedom.info, and watch both short videos.
If what I’m doing Is a good fit for you, you’ll know what to do next after you watch the second video. 

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